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Saturday Conference Schedule ~ May 11, 2019

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8:15 am     Doors Open - Coffee, tea, and light breakfast items available. 

8:30 am     Welcome - meet in the Sanctuary

9:00 am    Keynote - Katie Skurja 

  • Understanding Shame through the Eyes of a Child

Jesus said unless we become like a child, we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. Having fewer filters, children are aware of the hurt and shame that can cause confusion and self-doubt within us. They intuitively understand kingdom principles in a way that adults do not.  As such, they can be our teachers.


Sharing from a video project called, Let the Children Teach, we will hear from the voices of children to teach us how we are all connected in our shared humanity. Through the interviews, we will let the children teach us about being created in the image of God and what happens to us when shame gets in the way of us living from the image of God within us – the Imago Dei.


10:45 am   Breakout Session A

  • Dismantling Shame with Katie Skurja

Shame is a powerful force that is impervious to ordinary words in a conversation. No amount of facts can counteract the beliefs held inside a person’s shame. As Katie often says, “You cannot talk someone out of their shame.” What then, can we do about shame?


In this breakout session, Katie will explore how shame affects the brain, inhibiting us from being able to process information when operating in a shame state of mind. Using a very practical and easy-to-learn tool, she will teach participants how to identify the root beliefs of shame and how to begin dismantling it by facing it head on.


  • Cultivating Grace through Resilience and Empathy with Children with Lacy Borgo

Gone are the days of “children should be seen and not heard,” and good riddance! The idea of pristine, perfectly behaved children was a farce. Instead we are learning that when grace (as opposed to shame) is cultivated through resiliency and empathy in children; children become more connect to themselves, more connected to the loving adults in their lives and ultimately more connected to God.


  • Exploring Shame and Grace through Body Awareness, Images, and Writing with April Brenneman

Philosopher Simone Weil wrote beautifully of attention as contemplative practice through which we reap the deepest rewards of our humanity.  In this workshop we will practice attention and explore shame and grace together in a safe environment.  Body awareness, images and free writing will be our tools. We all experienced shame and grace. How does it feel in our bodies?  How does it impact our relationships with others, with God?  This will be an experiential time to practice and share what we discover in community. 


  • Understanding Shame and Burnout with Dominic Abaria

God has called each of us into a certain station in life.  Yet we often feel restless, looking for the next "big thing" to happen so we can get on with "real life."  In these restless seasons, we are tempted to operate out of a place insecurity and shame, wearing masks that leave us feeling empty and spiritually burned out.  This breakout session seeks to identify our patterns of shame, and invite us toward a path of spiritual integration by resting in God's love and grace.


12:00 pm   Catered Lunch

1:15 pm     Keynote - Deborah Loyd

  • Out on the Wild Frontier: A Talk about Vocation

Why are you here? 

Why did God make you?  

What do you uniquely have to offer?

These questions are never more relevant than they are today when the church is in a season of deep change and we are struggling to know how we can participate with the Holy Spirit.  Exponential growth rarely occurs from listening to a great sermon or from the newest pickings on the conference circuit. Rather deep passion is likely born of some kind of wounding and shame in our lives. Because we are human we seek to make meaning from our pain. Pain that has been redeemed in us gives birth to meaning. Meaning inspires passion in our souls, which in turn leads us to our Vocation, our why. We will explore how shame and subsequent grace are pathways to the discovery of our own ‘Why’s.’ What are you passionate about? What if we all discovered our vocations sooner and we changed the world? Join us as we head out on the wild frontier!

2:45 pm     Breakout Session B

  • Finding Yourself Worthy with Melanie Mock

We hear a variety of specific messages from Christian and popular culture about our worth, or lack thereof, and these messages lead to a sense of deep shame because we fail to live up to what we are told is godly expectation. Melanie will take us through self-inventory work where we can begin to separate out what culture tells us about our worth and the Bible’s message of our inherent worthiness. 


  • Healing from Debilitating Shame in Parenting with Lacy Borgo and Jean Nevills

No doubt about it, parenting can leave us walking with a limp. In this interactive and experiential workshop, we will identify the markers of shame in our parenting, being careful to honor each person’s boundary. We will also participate in sacred listening spaces designed to open us to healing grace, and explore simple practices we can lean into for recovery and resilience.


  • Forgiveness Is Not What You Think It Is with Michelle Winter

We will consider the spiritual practice of forgiveness and wrestle with multi-modal expressions and approaches to forgiving. 


  • Life through the Lens of Grace with Chris Murphy

In this session we will explore how God looks at us through the lens of grace and love, so we can look at our lives with the same compassion. This approach to life helps us face feelings of shame with a heart of grace.

4:15 pm     Closing 


4:45 pm     Dismiss