Companioning Conference

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Companioning Conference
Hosting Spiritual Conversations 

April 24-25, 2020

Rock Creek Church

4470 NW 185th, Portland OR 



Companioning takes place in many areas of our lives. Some of us follow a vocational path of being soul-care providers; counselors, pastors, spiritual directors, medical professionals, and educators. However, all of us are companions. We were created to companion. From our beginning we were created to walk alongside God, to walk alongside our friends and family. And in this walking, we are formed in the likeness of Christ.



What People Are Saying...

"Very good encouragment from experienced people!"

"A welcoming, comfortable, and reflective space"

This conference was extremely warm and welcoming, as we together, explored relationship with God, others, and self.

"Spacious and challenging in a wonderful way."

"Great conference - really glad I came :)"

"Thankful for connecting with friends, interesting topics, and new ways to think about things."

"Found 'my people'"

This conference offered me plentiful and rich inspiration and encouragement for my companioning work with people walking through suffering. I will be digesting this rich feast and sharing its gifts in my ministry.

"Thanks for all your great work! It was a wonderful day!"

"Thanks for this!"

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