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Most of us learned that our bodies were something to fear, perfect, ignore, or overcome. As a result, we have largely become a disconnected & dissociated people—not fully alive to ourselves, others, God, and the rest of creation.

We were made for more.

In Becoming Alive, participants will be invited to incorporate body-based practices into their spiritual formation. Each week we will focus on a different theme and practice.

From befriending our bodies to learning the language of our bodies, we will seek to know God—not only in our midst, but present to us through our uniquely embodied self.

If you have a fraught relationship with your body—or no relationship at all—this course may be a healing next step.

  • Becoming Alive: Body-based Practices for Wholehearted Faith


    Virtual Course

  • Dates

    January 19 -
    February 16, 2024

  • Day & Time

    9-10am PT

  • Cost


Hannah Souter

Hannah Souter is the Assistant Director for the Institute for Pastoral & Congregational Thriving at Portland Seminary. She is a graduate of Portland Seminary and attended George Fox University for her undergrad. Hannah served as a pastor in SE Portland and now works at Leadership Center—helping leaders grow in personal and organizational wellness. Hannah is a born and raised Portlander. She and her dog, Teva, like to play outside and have dinner parties with friends.
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