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Book Club

with Alyssa Bell

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If conversations around motherhood, ministry, and spiritual wholeness speak to you, join author Alyssa Bell as she leads us through her book Calm and Quiet My Soul: A Holistic Approach to Spiritual Care for the Mothering Pastor. Each of the three book club sessions will include a centering practice as well as insightful discussion around book content.

Contact Alyssa with questions: [email protected]

  • Book Club with 
    Alyssa Lynn Bell


    3 - Weeks
    Virtual Bookclub

  • Dates

    February 28 -
    March 13, 2024

  • Time

    3:30-4:30pm PT

  • Cost


About the Book

Self-care and soul care are trending topics in Christian leadership circles because ministry leaders know they cannot care for their people unless they care for themselves. Pastors who are mothers know this too, and yet it can feel like just one more task to manage among the many they carry on their schedules and in their hearts. The biblical truth is that spiritual rest is a gift from God, not an achievement, a refreshing reminder for women who hold the dual roles of mom and minister.

This book invites women leading in these spaces to remember that the God of the Old and New Testaments, the one who pours out replenishment for weary hearts, is a God who is Mother as well as Father, and mothers them with tenderness and strength. Starting here, in the arms of a mothering God who whispers “beloved,” changes the tone of spiritual care for her from a chore to an oasis of replenishment that grounds her in her identity in Christ as a daughter of Creator God.
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Alyssa Bell

Alyssa Bell is a Pastor, Teacher and Spiritual Director who loves walking alongside people as they encounter the radical grace of God’s love. Alyssa and her husband Matthew have two delightful daughters, Theresa and Susie, and an energetic golden retriever named Abby.

She completed her Doctor of Ministry degree in Leadership and Spiritual Formation in 2021 and has a heart for mothers who minister, either in a church setting or elsewhere. For fun Alyssa enjoys walking, making music, reading mystery novels, and completing puzzles. 
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