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Have you ever had the experience of working with someone who seems so stuck that nothing seems to breakthrough?

Oftentimes, what hinders forward movement in a conversation, whether it be with a directee, client, friend, etc., is the presence of shame. There are many problems with shame... one of which is that you cannot talk someone out of it. In the lives of people, shame is the most powerful force...apart from grace. During the inner healing process, shame can be dismantled so that an experience of grace can emerge.

Katie Skurja will host the conversation to explore the use of Inner Healing in various forms of companioning. The course will include some practical and experiential aspects, so that participants can gain confidence in their use of Inner Healing.

Please note, there is a prerequisite in taking Experience Integration Healing - A 4.5 hr Integration Healing experience with the Imago Dei Team.

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Required Resources

  • Paradox Lost: Uncovering Your True Identity in Christ.
  • Reflection Cards
Order below from Imago Dei Ministries. $45 (includes shipping in the US).
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  • Integration Healing
    Training for
    Level One


    8-Week Virtual Course

  • Date

    January 17 - 
    March 6, 2024

  • Time

    5-6:30pm PT

  • Cost


Prerequisite Required

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Margie Mach

Margie's passion is to host compassionate space for deep listening, discovery and healing. A Spiritual Director, Margie received her training through CenterQuest's School of Spiritual Direction, is certified through Portland Seminary, and completed additional studies in Internal Family Systems. Margie is a Supervisor, trained through the Companioning Center.
The challenges and gifts of her own journey have given Margie a heart for those longing for deeper connection and healing. A life-long learner, she continues to be profoundly impacted by the work of the Spirit through Imago Dei Ministries.
Margie's background includes corporate product management, church lay leadership and prison ministry. She studied history and philosophy at the University of Southern California, and pursued graduate studies in business. She and her husband Bob have two adult children and four amazing grandchildren.
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