Listening Well

Creating Space to Hear Ourselves, God & Others

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Can you remember a time when you felt truly heard in what you were saying?

Or, do you remember a time when you felt unseen in a conversation?

Our own experience of being listened to helps shape how we are able to listen to others. There is so much that goes on internally for us as we try to listen well to those in our lives. We do our best to listen to family, friends, colleagues, or even the clerk in the store, to be present to what they are saying. Our minds often distract us, our feelings seem like they can get in the way, so much goes on inside ourselves while we listen. And right now, there often feels like so much divides us in our desire to listen well with others.

Listening, really listening, requires paying attention to what is going on inside of us. Our own stories, thoughts, and understandings shape what we hear or how we hear what is being said.

So, how do we truly listen?

We can all become better at listening well. It starts with learning to pay attention to our own inner voices to recognize how we may be distorting what we hear. Then we can learn to ask questions to help the person we are with discover their own inner wisdom.

Join Kathi Gatlin, a spiritual director, in this 8-week course to learn how to create space to listen to the people in our lives. We will learn to listen to what goes on inside us and practice skills that help us to hold a nonjudgmental space for ourselves and others.

  • Dates

    February 8 -
    March 28, 2024

  • Day of the Week

    2:30-4pm PT

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  • Duration

    8 weeks

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Kathi Gatlin

Kathi Gatlin founded Boldly Loved and co-founded the Companioning Center to bring together her two greatest passions: spiritual formation and teaching. In this, she utilizes her DMin. in Leadership and Spiritual Formation from Portland Seminary and her M.Ed. earned through George Fox University.

Her greatest joy is walking alongside others, individually and in groups, in their own spiritual journey, sharing ways of understanding God anew through contemplative prayer and teaching, and to see them grow in the depth of their own understanding of who God is and who they are in relationship with God.

Kathi is a spiritual director, supervisor, writer, spiritual formation group facilitator, retreat speaker, and leadership mentor. For more information about Kathi, check out
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