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Imagine your most dynamic and fulfilling relationships- relationships that allow you to be present, fully yourself, and that invite mutuality. What if nature could be just such a cherished soul partner? 

Forest Bathing, our westernized term for a Japanese practice called Shinrin Yoku, is an embodied spiritual act that takes the seeker into nature with the simple purpose of dwelling in being, and practicing presence.. It is a practice that is gaining traction in the United States due to its many health benefits, but spiritual leaders are also attuned to how forest immersion can be a balm for the soul and an experience with the Divine.

Join Heather Mayer on a two-hour virtual forest immersion to experience how quiet, receptive and intentional time in nature can become a living prayer, held deeply in the body and to consider how time with the Earth can be a spiritual companion through loving reciprocity.

This experience will take place right where you are on your phone or any mobile device. Nature is surrounding us always, no matter where we live. It is a small neighborhood park, a stretch of sagebrush along the side of a quiet sidewalk, a window box filled with flowers, or a fenced backyard. This opportunity will allow you to delve deeply into the life all around you, taking a metaphorical microscope into both your physical world as well as your internal landscape. 
  • Soulful Nature Immersion


    2-hour Virtual Workshop

  • Date

    April 19, 2024

  • Time

    11am - 1pm PT

  • Cost


Heather Mayer

Heather is a trauma-informed Spiritual Director and a seeker of those moments that thin the veil. She holds an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Oregon, a Master’s in Spiritual Formation from George Fox Seminary, and is a certified Spiritual Director through Portland Seminary.

In the vein of “everything is spiritual,” Heather is also a preschool director and teacher. Her approach to early childhood is the same approach she takes in spiritual direction - that all persons carry the image and the wisdom of God within and that our intimacy with God can grow when we are encouraged to approach spirituality with curiosity and wonder.

Heather finds her deepest connection with Creator God in nature and in the presence of children and animals. Her call to spiritual direction lives in her desire for all God’s children to know and trust in their belovedness.
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