Shadow Work for
 Leaders & Soul

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Are you a Leader? | Are you a Pastor? | Are you a Spiritual Director? | Are you a Chaplain? | Are you a Soul Companion? 

If so, you inevitably carry the unlived lives, unmet needs, and unconscious expectations (aka the shadow) of parishioners, directees, clients, etc. When they look at you, they may not see you, but instead see their mother, their father, their ideal-self, or even their image of the divine. These projections can be crushing, or leave us feeling chronically off balance around certain people. This depletes our emotional energy, and inhibits our ability to maintain boundaries, which undermines our relationships.

This course expands on concepts like projection, transference, countertransference, and projective identification while offering tools for excavating these hidden, yet powerful realities. Michael balances teaching with accessible shadow work processes for getting clear with projections, establishing boundaries, and discovering how shadow work can breath new life into your work, ministry, and relationships. 

  • Shadow Work for 
    Leaders &
    Soul Companions


    Virtual Course

  • Dates

    November 10, 17,
    December 1, & 8, 2023
    No Session on 11/24

  • Day & Time

    9-11am PT

  • Cost


Michael Simmons

Michael Simmons is a spiritual director and retreat facilitator, and serves on the leadership team with the Companioning Center and on the board of Deep Water, a local community that provides tools, processes, and space for women and men to heal. Michael is also an ordained elder in the Free Methodist Church and a doctoral student at Portland Seminary where he is also the full-time admissions counselor.

Michael is gifted at helping people enter liminal space in order to explore and integrate their inner-landscape. Blending Christian spirituality and Jungian psychology, Michael loves equipping others with tools and language to heal and help others do the same.
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