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Our online courses are designed to offer an interactive and engaging experience. Each course includes personal teaching with an experienced spiritual formation instructor and utilizes small group interaction in a safe and sacred space. Our students tend to learn as much from each other through their experience together, as they do with the instructor. ​

Each course includes
  • Weekly Readings

  • Video Teaching

  • Online Small Group Discussions

  • New Activities to Try

  • Either Weekly or Biweekly Virtual Small Group Sessions

What you can expect
  • Approximately 2-3 hours of homework each week

  • Engaging Reading and Activities Designed for Greater Self-Awareness

  • A Safe and Sacred Space

  • Small Class Size

  • Personal Attention from Experienced and Engaging Instructors

  • Optional Meeting with a Certified Spiritual Director for an additional fee 

Regardless of your intention, growing in your own journey or learning how to companion others in theirs, you will discover an opportunity for deeper insights and new tools to use. Come join us on this journey of discovery. We offer introductory courses plus others to take you even deeper. Take a look at our upcoming courses.

Would you like to have your current group attend one of our courses?

We can host an exclusive virtual course privately for your group. Bringing in our spiritual formation courses can help build your team as well as create a safe space with people you already know. Please contact us for more information and pricing if this sounds interesting to you. 



Spiritual Direction with Children: Farther Up, Further In is designed to continue forming adults into listening companions for children. Through readings and experiences, adults will learn about and practice spiritual direction with children as a formational practice that supports a child’s life with God and is an essential component for children’s Christian spiritual formation.

This second part is a continuation of Meaning and Method which is prerequisite. 

Spiritual Direction with Children: Farther Up and Further In 
with Lacy Borgo

Fridays; 5-6:30 PM PT

October 18 - November 8

​How much authority do we give Scripture? Which passages of Scripture do we place the greatest emphasis? In this second course of the Discovering Your Lens Series, we will look at the reasons behind the stories and the implications of holding a literal understanding of this ancient text. 

Befriending Scripture Anew

with Kathi Gatlin

Thursdays; 5:30-7 PM PT

Nov. 7 - Dec. 19

There is so much discussion around the Enneagram. Katie Skurja, an Enneagram expert, shares this ancient thought from the perspective of Christ in each of us. 

Facing Shame through the Enneagram
with Katie Skurja

Two Sections Available

Mondays; 3:30-5 PM PT or

Mondays; 5:30-7 PM PT

Oct. 21 - Nov. 25

Often times, our prayer lives can become dry and it feels like what we know about God doesn't seem to match our experience of God through prayer.

Contemplative prayer is a practice that allows one to quiet their mind in order to discover what God has to say. 


In this course, we will take a look at Contemplative Prayer - What is it? Is it safe? And how do you practice it? We will discuss and have the opportunity to practice five types of Contemplative Prayer. 

Intro to Contemplative Prayer with Kathi Gatlin

Wednesdays; 5:30-7 PM PT

Nov 6 - Dec 14

What People are Saying...

I am so grateful for Katie's class. It has been life-changing for me. From the beginning life-giving to see so much more of me, and it brought a deeper "knowing" of Father God's heart for me. It is truly opportunity discussions together with Katie and the other women took it to a deeper level--I found it so helpful to have a place to process what I was experiencing. I had an online, I wanted to pour everything into this experience because I wanted it to be more than just another class to take, but a new way of living in the freedom Jesus came to give. ~ Becky

Thank you for providing a safe platform for conversation and a chance to gain insight into what is going on inside of ourselves and others. A real eye opener! ~ Karol

The Experiencing God course offers one the opportunity to open their heart and mind to truly see God's deep love for them. It is a time of transformation and healing for the one taking the course if that is what they truly desire. ~ AK

Katie Skurja is gifted in her knowledge, experience and presentation of the Enneagram. It's beautiful to see how understanding this tool helps secure our identify in Christ, and to be transformed in His likeness. ~ Christine

Each week you made me feel comfortable. I would recommend others who are not taking the time to either spend with God or to get away from the day to day grind to take the Creating a Rhythm of Life class and begin to find their rhythm for life. ~ Dan

I've studied the Enneagram for years, but this class is unlike anything I have experienced before. The focus on wholeness and our active participation in integration was unique and life-giving. I appreciate Katie's ability to ask good questions that take me deeper and challenge me to think more broadly. I loved this class! ~ Michelle

I entered 'Christ in Me Through the Enneagram' with a minimal knowledge of the Enneagram, but not clear on what my type is and what it meant. In a few short weeks, I learned the nine types, identified my own type, had practical spiritual application, made new friends online, received support, and was gently introduced into what my lowest type was and how to integrate all of the types into my life.~ Jan