Inner Healing Training

for Practitioners

Inner Healing Training for Practitioners
Katie Skurja

Two Options for Level One

Weekly Zoom Meetings

8-Week Course - $249

Tuesdays: 3:30-5pm PT 

Oct. 20 - Dec. 8

Wednesdays: 6-7:30pm PT 

Oct. 21 - Dec. 9

Have you ever had the experience of working with someone who seems so stuck that nothing seems to break through? Oftentimes, what hinders forward movement in a conversation, whether it be with a directee, client, friend, etc., is the presence of shame. One of the many problems with shame is… you cannot talk someone out of it. Shame is the most powerful force in the lives of people…apart from grace. Through the process of inner healing, shame can be dismantled in a way to allow an experience of grace to break through.


Katie Skurja will host the conversation to explore the use of Inner Healing in various forms of companioning. There will be some practical and experiential application aspects in order for participants to gain confidence in the use of Inner Healing in their work.


Katie’s understanding of Inner Healing can be described in three words: Getting God’s Perspective. This 8-week online course will explore the concepts of the process of inner healing and introduce some tools that can be immediately incorporated into any practice.

Continue the Journey with Level Two

For those desiring to continue learning about Inner Healing by getting God's perspective with Katie - she has created a Level Two starting September 3rd. She will continue to use the Imago Dei Ministry's Reflection Cards. The prerequisite is Level One. 


Thursdays, 3:30-5pm PT

Sept. 3 - Oct. 22

8 Weekly Zoom Sessions

Our Guides

Catherine “Katie” Skurja is the founder and director of Imago Dei Ministries. Deeply rooted in and dedicated to Trinitarian principles, the ministry’s purpose is to help people everywhere engage in a Christ-centered healing process that transforms relationships with God, self, and others. Her greatest passion is to accompany people in the journey of discovering who they are in their Imago Dei (image of God). With training as a counselor, spiritual director, and in the work of inner healing prayer, Katie combines the three disciplines to help guide people through the layers of false self and shame in order to bring about the integration of the whole person. Katie and Jim have been married for 33 years and have two grown sons as well as a few “adopted” daughters with whom they share life. She loves to garden, hike, walk on the beach, cook, and read. For more information on her work, check out Imago Dei Ministries.

Katie Skurja

Margie Mach has been a part of Imago Dei Ministries for almost five years, and is a spiritual director. She values holding space for deep listening and discovery, and is learning to embrace a more contemplative way of life. Margie spent 20+ years in church leadership and directing corporate teams in creating innovative strategies and products. She has a knack for asking questions from a variety of perspectives. The challenges of her own journey have given her a heart for those hungry for something more. 

Margie Mach

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