Living Spiritually Free:

Discovering your Inner Compass through Inner Healing from Spiritual Abuse

Living Spiritually Free Series: 
Discovering your Inner Compass
through Inner Healing from Spiritual Abuse
Katie Skurja & Christina Zaczkowski


starting July 21st

Weekly 1.5-Hour Zoom Meetings

Tuesdays, 3:30-5pm PT

4-Week Courses - $100 or $150 for couples

use coupon CoupleDiscount for savings on second registration

Do you struggle to understand what happened in a previous spiritually abusive relationship? How do you know who God is? How do you ever trust again? How can you move forward?


These are important questions and hard to navigate through alone. Katie Skurja, assisted by Christina Zaczkowski, is offering a Living Spiritually Free Series for those who have suffered from spiritual abuse in a variety of forms.


We will walk through understanding the function of spiritually abusive dynamics and how to leave the drama behind and move toward healing. Both Katie and Christina share a worldview formed by the belief in a trinitarian God and the inherent value of every person. Participants will engage in Katie’s resources, developed from therapeutic and spiritual growth perspectives with a goal of leaning into following our own Inner Compass (Imago Dei) in living a healthy life. 


This series is divided into three 4-week virtual small group sections that build upon one another. Registering for the first one does not commit you to complete the series. The series does need to be taken in order. Each cohort will be limited to 10 participants.

Session 1: The Drama Triangle: Introducing a helpful model that represents so many relationships in our lives - and how to live in freedom in the drama.

Next Offering - TBA

Session 2: An M&M?: One of Katie’s most helpful models of how we live divided as we protect ourselves from not belonging. 

August 18 - September 8: Tuesdays, 3:30pm PT (4:30 pm MT/5:30 pm CT/6:30 pm ET)

Session 3: Images of God: Thinking through together on how we relate to God based on our understanding of who God is. 

September15 - October 6: Tuesdays, 3:30pm PT (4:30 pm MT/5:30 pm CT/6:30 pm ET)

Our Guides

Catherine “Katie” Skurja is the founder and director of Imago Dei Ministries. Deeply rooted in and dedicated to Trinitarian principles, the ministry’s purpose is to help people everywhere engage in a Christ-centered healing process that transforms relationships with God, self, and others. Her greatest passion is to accompany people in the journey of discovering who they are in their Imago Dei (image of God). With training as a counselor, spiritual director, and in the work of inner healing prayer, Katie combines the three disciplines to help guide people through the layers of false self and shame in order to bring about the integration of the whole person. Katie and Jim have been married for 33 years and have two grown sons as well as a few “adopted” daughters with whom they share life. She loves to garden, hike, walk on the beach, cook, and read. For more information on her work, check out Imago Dei Ministries.

Katie Skurja

Native German and Minnesota resident of over 10 years, Christina Zaczkowski is the creative force behind the YouTube channel and has produced video resources about identifying and recovering from spiritual abuse since 2018. Raised in a Baptist church followed by 3 traumatic years in an evangelical guru-based cult had left her yearning for truly Good News until the beautiful Gospel found her. Christina is married to her best friend James since going on 11 years and they have two little sons. Her passion is to listen well to others and to truly allow room for encountering Christ in the midst. She loves sharing what has helped her on her journey toward healing and freedom of mind, body, and spirit. Christina earned an M.A. from the University of Paderborn, Germany, in teaching Theology and German. She is also a fierce advocate for physical wellness, being a certified Personal Trainer and nutrition coach for over 8 years. 

Christina Zaczkowski

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