Meeting God in the Murky

Sep 19 / Lacy Finn Borgo
Today I invite you to engage with poetry. 

Before you begin here are somethings to consider: 
  • Read it aloud and notice when your voice changes.
  • Take notice of the emotions that stir within you as you read.
  • Circle or write down the words that have the most “heat” for you. 

Meeting God in the Murky

Not far from home 
on Log Hill Mesa 
is the Uncompahgre River
Flowing from the San Juan peaks
through the tiny town of Ridgway 
Winding its way through 
sandstone and salt grass 
into the Ridgway Reservoir 

While it’s start and finish
might seem fixed
The Uncompahgre
has a life all its own 

In seasons 
when snow melts 
adding trickle 
to what already is 
The water is clever clear 
fish can be seen 
as can rocks 
which line the little bed 

A slight dance 
small additions 
gently raising the water level 
The movement calm 

In seasons 
when the melt is 
change coming fast 
what is light and shallow

The water is murky 
what is living, the fish, 
nor what is stable, the rocks, 
can be seen 

Debris from upstream 
comes tumbling down, 
reshaping the riverbed

I sought counsel 
and maybe comfort
during a season 
which felt 

To haul my body 
down the mesa, 
to the river 

The melt came
more quickly 
than I was used to 
The water rose 
and felt 

The shallow ripped 
not much to see 
The past and present 
the flow of Living Water 

Still the River was running 
life was happening 
out of my sight 
out of my knowing 

Living Water
absorbed tears 
in what could not be seen or known

Reshaping seems 
to be the way
of all living things 
including the spiritual

What memories come to mind?
Is there an image that draws or repels?
Bring these responses into conversation with God, with yourself, or with another. 

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Lacy Finn Borgo

Lacy Finn Borgo teaches and provides spiritual direction for various organizations in spiritual formation and spiritual direction including, Renovaré, The Companioning Center and Mercy Center, Burlingame. Lacy has a spiritual direction and supervision of spiritual directors ministry for adults, and provides spiritual direction for children at Haven House, a transitional facility for families without homes in Olathe, Colorado. Her book Spiritual Conversations with Children: Listening to God Together was released March 2020. Her children’s book All Will Be Well was released October 2022. Lacy lives on the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains and worships with a local Quaker Meeting.