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We offer a variety of opportunities, from 4 hours, to 3 months, to 2 years and everything in between! We’re always adding new avenues to go deeper and develop a heart to listen deeply to ourselves, God, and those we walk alongside.

Particularly if you are vocationally engaged in soul companioning, feel called to embark on training, or need help to discern your next steps, we would love to welcome you as a companion.

We are intentional to offer interactive and engaging experiences. Each experience includes personal interaction with an experienced spiritual formation instructor and utilizes small group interaction in a safe and sacred space. We tend to learn as much from each other through our experience together, as we do with those guiding us.

Learn more below about our specific spiritual formation courses, experiential workshops, spiritual direction training program, continuing education & development for spiritual directors and supervision training.

Formational Training Programs
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Continuing Education

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We created this community for those who long to join with others for conversation, continued learning, and companionship. Join now for discounts, community forum, free offerings, and a space to belong with other soul companions. 

We would love to have you join us!

Experiential Workshops & Courses