Shadow Work for Emotions & Relationships

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Do you struggle to engage your anger or maintain boundaries?

Do you find yourself stuck in cycles of anxiety, passive aggression, or numbing behaviors?

Are there traumas, hidden messages, or significant people from your past that hinder you from engaging in relationships and present opportunities?

This course offers tools and language for exploring and integrating your “shadow,” the parts of our humanity we hide, repress, and deny. We'll explore concepts such as core emotions, counter-emotions, projections etc. for ongoing inner work and relational wholeness.

The course structure will move between high quality instruction, individual reflection, and voluntary group sharing. Clear boundaries and expectations are established to provide safety and sustainability to our time.

  • Shadow Work for Emotions & Relationships


    Virtual Course

  • Dates

    April 10 - 
    May 8, 2024

  • Day & Time

    9-11am PT

  • Cost


Michael Simmons

Michael is a full time shadow work facilitator, writer, and serves on the leadership team with the Companioning Center. He holds a Doctor of Leadership in Global Perspectives where he studied the intersection of spiritual formation and psychology for personal and communal transformation. He lives in Newberg, Oregon with his partner Liz, and their two kids. 

Michael is a gifted guide for hidden and dark side of the soul. His work blends Christian spirituality and Jungian psychology to help individuals and communities befriend and integrate their hidden, repressed, and denied parts. 

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Course Lessons