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Companioning Our Shadow:
Welcoming Emotions

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How do you experience hard emotions like fear and anger? Do you struggle to feel sadness and even joy? Psychologist Carl Jung coined the term "shadow" to refer to the parts of ourselves we hide, repress or deny. Our shadow is like a 'long bag we drag behind us' and we tend to place unwanted parts of ourselves, especially unacceptable emotions, into that bag.

But there's good news!

Welcoming these emotions offers incredible power to transform our lives, relationships, and communities. Join Michael Simmons as he explores language, practices, and tools for companioning our shadow and welcoming our emotions.

This section is designed for self-paced study. All the resources are included.

  • Companioning Our Shadow:
    Welcoming Emotions


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Michael Simmons

Michael Simmons is a spiritual director and retreat facilitator, and serves on the leadership team with the Companioning Center and on the board of Deep Water, a local community that provides tools, processes, and space for women and men to heal. Michael is also an ordained elder in the Free Methodist Church and a doctoral student at Portland Seminary where he is also the full-time admissions counselor.

Michael is gifted at helping people enter liminal space in order to explore and integrate their inner-landscape. Blending Christian spirituality and Jungian psychology, Michael loves equipping others with tools and language to heal and help others do the same.
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