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A 4-hour online, interactive, real-time experience of inner healing. Centered on the diamond within, our Imago Dei, we will explore and apply concepts, tools, and processes found to facilitate inner healing and transformation.

This half-day experiential addresses the underlying premises and processes of inner healing. Additionally, participants have the opportunity to identify and heal their shame. The emphasis will be on participation as well as learning tools to apply to real life.

The experiential is open to anyone interested in receiving inner healing and those curious about the Imago Dei approach, along with practitioners interested in continuing their Inner Healing education with the 8-week course and future courses. The half-day experiential workshop can also help a practitioner discern a call to inner healing.

  • Experience Integration Healing


    Virtual Workshop

  • Date

    July 26, 2024

  • Time

    1 - 5pm PT

  • Cost


Other Offerings with Imago Dei Ministries

Meet the Imago Dei Team

Katie Skurja

Catherine “Katie” Skurja is the founder and director of Imago Dei Ministries. Deeply rooted in and dedicated to Trinitarian principles, the ministry’s purpose is to help people everywhere engage in a Christ-centered healing process that transforms relationships with God, self, and others. Her greatest passion is to accompany people in the journey of discovering who they are in their Imago Dei (image of God).
With training as a counselor, spiritual director, and in the work of inner healing prayer, Katie combines the three disciplines to help guide people through the layers of false self and shame in order to bring about the integration of the whole person.
Katie and Jim have been married for 33 years and have two grown sons as well as a few “adopted” daughters with whom they share life. She loves to garden, hike, walk on the beach, cook, and read. For more information on her work, check out Imago Dei Ministries.

Margie Mach

Margie's passion is to host compassionate space for deep listening, discovery and healing. A Spiritual Director, Margie received her training through CenterQuest's School of Spiritual Direction, is certified through Portland Seminary, and completed additional studies in Internal Family Systems. Margie is a Supervisor, trained through the Companioning Center.

The challenges and gifts of her own journey have given Margie a heart for those longing for deeper connection and healing. A life-long learner, she continues to be profoundly impacted by the work of the Spirit through Imago Dei Ministries.
Margie's background includes corporate product management, church lay leadership and prison ministry. She studied history and philosophy at the University of Southern California, and pursued graduate studies in business. She and her husband Bob have two adult children and four amazing grandchildren.
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Cathy Jo Finch

Cathy Jo is a life long questioner. She graduated with a BA in Psychology from the University of Montana. She is a wife and mother of three grown children. CJ claims to be a professional volunteer, serving on the boards of Youth for Christ and Care Net of Missoula in various capacities; teaching in high schools on Healthy Relationships; and leading diverse groups in Bible and book studies. She has a huge heart for bringing people together to question, think, heal and grow in their relationship with the Trinity and each other. Learning how to hold difference within the body of Christ is huge for her. 

Cathy Jo is just now starting a Masters in Ministry which will either answer some of her many questions or, more likely, raise many more.

Missy Zamora

Missy is a native Texan and a recent transplant to Oregon. She enjoys hiking, gardening, baking, and walking barefoot. She is a parent to three young men ages 14, 18, and 24. Missy graduated with a BSN in Nursing and is a Certified Nurse Case Manager. She has practiced nursing for over 25 years and enjoys the opportunity to serve and help those in need of physical care and healing. On a personal level, Missy is interested in the area of cellular precedents in the body and their relationship to our spiritual formation. 
Missy has served in church leadership in student ministry, women's ministry, and as a consultant for spiritual formation development within the congregation. She attended the Renovaré Institute of Spiritual Formation and completed a Fellowship of the Burning Heart Leadership Pilot focused on small group facilitation listening to God, others, and our own hearts. These experiences have led Missy to a place of increasingly desiring to embrace more of her humanity as being created in the image of God. She values the generous nature of uncertainty and the gift of doubt.
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Mary Welch

Mary Welch studied Art and Literature at the University of New Mexico, earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts. After a life so full of adventure that she could easily fill her own book, she finally settled down and joined the Imago Dei team in 2005. Mary has been captivated by visual arts, theater, literature, and music throughout her life, and she and her husband, Willie, both enjoy creating their own artwork in their Portland home. Mary has focused on developing her unique pen-and-ink style since 2008, as well as exploring painting, sketch comedy, and story-telling. Her artistic talents, her passion, and her in-depth understanding of Imago Dei Ministries’ material make her the ideal artist-in-residence.